Hosa Arambha - Pulikampa

Rs. 7,140

Red body, double border saree

A pure cotton kora body, double border saree that includes the mythological story from the history of the Padmashali community, a key weaving group in Kodiyala, Karnataka. This is represented via the motifs in the saree using accents from their language Telugu. This saree is composed of two different borders. A red border that contains Yagna, Panchabhootha and Maggam motifs with blue selvage, and a blue border that contains Kamalam, Vivaaham, and Pillalu motif with red selvage. The pallu contains Vittanam motif which indicates a cotton bud growing from a lotus seed bordered by Katti-kara weave in blue; a skill specialised to the weaver of this saree. A saree that can be worn on all occasions.

This saree was woven by Devaraju in the village of Kodiyala in Karnataka

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100% cotton hand-woven saree in medium count (2/100's warp and 80's weft) woven using mill-spun BT cotton yarn, sourced from Salem, Tamil Nadu. 

  • Yarns dyed in Salem using Azo free dyes

  • Sarees in this collection are woven by Devaraju, Govindaraju and Nagaraju in the village of Kodiyala in Karnataka

  • Dimensions of the saree are 1.16 metre wide x 5.5 metres in length

  • The saree is finished with tasselling done by women artisans in Kodiyala. 

  • No blouse piece. 

  • Wash after every three wears
  • Wash gently in cold water
  • Use mild detergent
  • Mild starching advised
  • Dry in shade
  • Normal iron - cotton mode
  • Dry clean for convenience

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