Rs. 12,500

Skill, Precision and Rhythm - the perfect ingredients of a delicate weave. Jamdani is considered the forerunner of the most advanced hand weaving techniques in the world. Each motif is inlaid into ethereal muslin by adding a marginally denser thread into the weft.

The blue and white Jamdani with red selvedge saree has been inspired from our Meanings, Metaphors historical collection. It has a beautiful yet subtle addition to the end panel. The concealed, inner panel adds a little detail to what would otherwise be considered the wrong side of the pallu. Only shows glimpses of itself when in motion or thrown over the shoulder. Adding just a subtle pop of colour or pattern to each piece. 

Our Sillage collection plays with concealed, contrasting and complimentary elements in all its pieces, that add a hidden feature to every garment. From the plackets on our shirts to the underside of the pallus of our sarees there are little details that supplement the beauty of each and every piece.


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