Aleena Sajeev – Communication and Graphics Designer

She completed her masters from NIFT, Bombay and joined the Registry of Sarees in 2018. Since then her contribution in graphics, communication, research and exhibition production and direction along with Mayank Mansingh Kaul for the Meanings Metaphor exhibition has been extremely valuable. She has single handedly developed the branding for YALI and her advice to the team on all aspects in relation to communication and graphics will be treasured as she moves on from our organization in pursuit of her dreams as an illustrator.

 Suresh Ji - Office Assistant  

Suresh has joined The Registry of Sarees since August 2019 and helps us with textile and non textile related activities on a daily basis. His work helps optimise organisation processes, maintaining office equipment and keeping a track of inventory.His dedication towards his work is something to be learnt.

Priyanka Jayanth – Fashion Designer 

Priyanka completed her Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design at Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore and moved to the UK to pursue her Master's in Design (Fashion) from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. She joined The Registry of Sarees in 2019 after graduating from her MA. Her dissertation project focused on collecting stories from artisans from India and translating them into surface techniques (embroidery). It was her intention to revive, revisit and empower the communities, culture and history behind them by integrating her own cultural ancestral stories of her family heritage. Since joining the organization Priyanka has been involved in the preliminary conservation processes and handling of the historic textile collection. She is currently developing an outerwear collection with Kandu cotton textiles using her expertise and experience as a fashion designer. 

Yash Sanhotra – Textile Designer 

Yash graduated as a textile designer from NIFT, Gandhinagar in 2019 and soon after joined The Registry of Sarees. He is passionate about Indian textiles and has experience working closely with weaving communities in Central and West India. During his graduation project he worked with USTTAD in collaboration with the Minsitry of Minorty Affairs, which focused on developing innovative design and textile techniques with artisans from minority communities. Since being in the organization Yash’s contribution in developing designs and techniques with Hosa Arambha and other YALI projects and researching textile techniques for our in house historic textile collection has been valuable. 

Laksshmannraav – Production Head and Master Weaver 

Laksshmannraav has over 20 years experience with handloom weaving and has been involved in developed of handloom products and clusters in various regions in South India. He has previously worked as Cluster Development Executive with Handloom and Textiles Department, Production Executive at Chirala Handloom Pvt Ltd and has supervised at various organisation with textile and yarn dyeing. He has been closely working with the Kodiyala weaving community since joining the organization in March 2020. As an expert designer/weaver himself and his experience in handloom cluster development his contribution in sourcing, managing handloom production and working in close collaboration with the in house designers for providing advice on textile construction and techniques has been immensely valuable.


Sujatha – Manager 

Sujatha is the executive secretary to Ahalya Matthan and has been actively managing the team at The Registry of Sarees for two years. Before joining The Registry of Sarees she worked in UAE as a sports and leisure co-ordinator before moving to Bangalore where she has worked as admin executive for several years with potential service consultant for a civil engineering group in Bangalore and at HP heading a sales team. Her organizational and managerial skills accompanied with her relationship building qualities are an asset to our organization.


Rukmini Bose – Business Development Manager 

Rukmini has over 20 years experience in fabric sourcing, product and business development, and merchandising. She has knowledge in patchwork, quilting, dyeing and finishing processes. In the past she has owned and managed home furnishing manufacturing unit and managed renowned retail outlets like FabIndia in various cities. Since joining the organization in February 2020 her expertise and experience in business development, customer building and vendor management has been extremely valuable.

Kshitija Mruthyunjaya- Creative Director 

Kshitija is an architect and designer. After completing her bachelor's degree in Architecture in Bangalore, India, she moved to the UK where she pursued an M.A. in Architectural Regeneration and Development and an M. Arch. (RIBA Part 2). She worked for a leading firm in Bath, UK for several years before moving to Milan to pursue her Masters in Design. To further her understanding on how material and social are entangled together she collaborated with The Registry of Sarees for her final MA Design project where she developed the Hosa Arambha project with an aim to support the Kodiyala handloom weaving community. Her main goal is to use her skills and knowledge in design as a regenerative action to create conscious and inclusive communities.

Ally Matthan 

Ahalya Matthan, is a perfumer and  the founder of Areev, a homegrown brand of contemporary Indian personal care, She established Ally Matthan Creations, a business to business personal care manufacturing enterprise in 2003.Her profound interest in research and development, conservation and preservation of Indian handloom textiles led her to start The Registry of Sarees in 2016. She is also the founder of the 100 saree pact a virtual platform that celebrated wearing sarees and telling stories around them. This pact and with her core strengths in management strategy and creative innovation in the business sphere led her to support Yali, a commercial entity to carry forward projects that spring from The Registry of Sarees.