Yali, is a platform that sustains commercial projects that develop from the research and documentation work of The Registry of Sarees.

Our team at Yali actively pursues projects that emerge from the research work conducted at The Registry of Sarees. There are five ongoing cotton based research projects at this point in time, all stemming from The Meanings, Metaphor collection that is being studied at the research and study centre. These include sarees and textiles woven using natural coloured BrownCotton (Karnataka), Kodiyala (Karnataka), Venkatagiri (Andhra Pradesh), Andhra Fine Cotton (Short staple), Ponduru (Andhra Pradesh) and Nabadwip (West Bengal).

Through the Red Lilies, Water Birds exhibition by The Registry of Sarees 2022, Yali will seek to commercialise silk based projects stemming from research and documentation work conducted here. If you are a textile, craft, conservation or art and design practitioner with a project that aligns with the exhibition and our research and commercial potential please reach us here.

It is our objective to maintain complete transparency of all stakeholders from yarn to consumer – so that we can make a radical difference both to the people who create handlooms and to the people who embrace handlooms.